Portal Website Universitas Muslim Indonesia


The "Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) Portal" is a website project developed for the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI). This project was built using Wordpress, an open-source platform used for website development. This service can be accessed via the URL address https://umi.ac.id/.

The project includes features such as university information, registration and announcements. Users can find information about study programs offered by UMI, available facilities, and profiles of lecturers who teach at UMI. Apart from that, users can also register for study programs offered through this website, and follow the latest announcements from universities.

This project also includes an e-learning feature that allows UMI students to access lecture materials and submit assignments online. This feature allows students to study independently and stay connected with their lecturers and classmates. In addition, this e-learning feature also allows lecturers to provide feedback and evaluate student learning outcomes.

This project is also equipped with a campus management feature that allows UMI staff to manage campus activities efficiently. This feature includes student data management, lecturer data management, and financial data management. In addition, this feature also allows UMI staff to manage class schedules, manage libraries, and manage extracurricular activities.

This project is being carried out in 2021 by the UMI website development team and is expected to be a useful source of information for UMI students, lecturers, and staff. This project is currently in the production stage and will be launched soon.