Tracer Study or what is often referred to as an alumni survey or "follow up" survey is a study on graduates of higher education institutions.


The UMI Tracer Study is a project undertaken to follow the career development and success of alumni of the University Muslim Indonesia (UMI). This project provides a website that can be accessed by UMI alumni to conduct surveys and fill in data about careers and education after graduating from the college. This website can be accessed via the url This project is being carried out for UMI Makassar in 2021.

The purpose of this project is to collect data about the careers and success of UMI alumni as material for evaluating the quality of education received by alumni. The data collected through this website will be used to evaluate the study programs offered by UMI, improve the curriculum and provide useful information for prospective students.

This project was carried out using a survey method which was carried out online through a website created specifically for this project. Alumni can fill out a survey by accessing the website and filling in the required data. The data collected from this survey will be processed and analyzed to find out the careers and success of UMI alumni after graduating from the university.