Thesis Information System for Indonesian Muslim University students


"Thesis Apps" is a thesis information system developed for students at the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI). This project was built using the Laravel framework and MySQL database. This system can be accessed via the URL address

This system includes features such as thesis registration, thesis submission, and thesis monitoring. Students can register their thesis by providing basic information such as thesis title, topic, and supervisor. Once the thesis is accepted, students can submit their thesis through this system and the supervisor can provide feedback and revisions.

This system is also equipped with a thesis monitoring feature that allows students and supervisors to track the status of their thesis. This feature allows students to find out the status of their thesis such as not yet accepted, in process, or completed. In addition, supervisors can also track the theses submitted by students and provide feedback.

This system is also equipped with a supervisor management feature that allows supervisors to manage the thesis submitted by students. This feature includes supervisor data management, student data management, and thesis data management. In addition, this feature also allows supervisors to manage thesis schedules and manage thesis revisions.

This project is being carried out in 2021 by the Faculty of Communication Sciences (FIKOM) at the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) and is expected to be a useful source of information for students and supervisors in the process of registering, submitting, and monitoring thesis. This project is currently in the production stage and will be launched soon.