Integrated Security System Brush For Housing Unhas Tamalanrea Lecturers


"Sikad.ID" is an integrated security system developed for the Hasanuddin University lecturer housing complex in Tamalanrea. This project was built using the CodeIgniter 4 framework and MySQL database. This system allows lecturers to control access to their housing complex by using a website application which can be accessed via the URL address

This system includes features such as account registration, access settings, and activity monitoring. Users can register for a new account by providing basic information such as name, phone number and email address. Once the account is accepted, the user can manage access to the housing complex by adding or removing family members who are allowed entry.

This system is also equipped with an activity monitoring feature that allows users to view the history of access to housing complexes. This allows users to track who enters and exits the residential complex and when it happens. This feature also allows users to identify unwanted or unauthorized activity.

In addition, this system is also equipped with a vehicle management feature that allows users to register their vehicles and manage vehicle access to the parking area of the housing complex. This feature allows users to track vehicles entering and leaving the parking area and ensures that only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter.

This project was developed to meet the special security needs of the Hasanuddin University lecturer housing complex in Tamalanrea and is expected to make the process of entering and leaving the housing complex more efficient and safe. The project is being worked on in 2022 and is currently in production and will be launched soon.