Integrated Information System Integrated Computer Laboratory, Faculty of Computer Science, Indonesian Muslim University.


"Labs Apps" is an integrated information system developed for the computer laboratory of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI). This project was built using the Laravel framework, CodeIgniter 4, React, and the MongoDB database. This system can be accessed via the URL address

This system includes features such as lab registration, schedule management, and lab monitoring. Students can register to use the computer lab by providing basic information such as name, telephone number, and desired schedule. Once a lab is accepted, students can control their lab schedule and manage their lab schedule.

This system is also equipped with a lab monitoring feature that allows students and staff to track lab status. This feature allows students to find out which labs are available, which labs are currently in use, and which labs are not available. In addition, staff can also track labs used by students and provide feedback.

This system is also equipped with a staff management feature that allows staff to manage the computer lab. This feature includes staff data management, student data management, and lab data management. In addition, this feature also allows staff to manage lab maintenance and manage lab inventory.

This project was carried out in 2020 by the Faculty of Computer Science (FIKOM) at the Muslim University of Indonesia (UMI) and is expected to be a useful source of information for students and staff in the registration process, schedule management and computer lab monitoring. This project has been completed and has been launched.