Information services covering the Tojo Una - Una area which is oriented towards Mobile App


"Hai Touna" is an information service developed for the Tojo Una - Una area which is designed to be used through a mobile application. This project was built using Flutter technology for mobile application development and Lumen and Laravel technologies for website development. This service can be accessed via the URL address

This project includes features such as location information, events, and news. Users can search for information about important locations in the Tojo Una - Una area, such as hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Apart from that, users can also find out information about upcoming events in the region and make appointments with their friends.

This project also includes a news feature that allows users to find out the latest and most updated information from the Tojo Una - Una area. This feature includes local, national and international news which is updated in real-time. Users can search for news by category or find popular news from the region.

This project is also equipped with an ordering feature that allows users to order products and services from the Tojo Una - Una area. This feature allows users to order products such as food, drinks and unique items from the region. In addition, users can also order services such as hotel bookings, transportation, and travel services.

This project was developed by Lentera Lipuku in 2020 and is expected to be a useful source of information for residents of the Tojo Una - Una region and tourists who wish to visit the area. This project is currently in the production stage and will be launched soon.